Let The Right One In
By Timothy Falk Wednesday, 15 Jul 2009

I was beginning to think that people had lost their mind, and vampires were forevermore doomed to be gay/poorly thought out/wooden. Then along came “Let The Right One In”. Based off of a novel by the name “Låt den rätte komma in”, LTROI (heh, Lt. Roy…) is a movie about a young bullied boy, Oskar(Aus-kar), and the “young” vampire, Eli(El-ee), who befriends him. I say “young” because while having the body of a twelve year old, Eli is in actuality a 200 year old vampire. Eli is also of indeterminate gender, revealed later on in the movie. Once in a verbal admission, once in a visual.

The movie is listed as “Horror”, but I didn’t think of this movie as a Horror movie. I guess it had some Horror elements…you know, blood, death, darkness…but I wouldn’t call it Horror. I’d almost call it a Dark Romance. Because it definitely is a Romance movie. The main stage show with this movie is the somewhat tentative friendship between Oskar and Eli that blooms into full blown love. And the actors, for their part, do amazing. These young kids…you throw them into these roles…and most of the time you wouldn’t really expect young kids to pull something this intense off, but they do. They both do a great job.

The film was dark, fun, and at times a little slow paced, but always interesting. There are just little touches that add a monumental amount to things. There are still some things I didn’t understand, but hopefully I’ll get it upon further viewings. I especially loved the last 10 or so minutes. I’m leaving a lot of detail out of this because I don’t want to give anything away, and I don’t want to tip any preconceived notions about this movie, other than it is good. So, to sum it up: Dark, good, no sparkly gay vampires, intense children, smart, and what vampire romance should be.

See it.

4 Responses to “Let The Right One In”

  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    Hohman has been raving about this movie for the past few weeks. I guess I’ll need to see it sometime soon, even though I’m about sick of vampires right now.

  2. jer Says:

    Saw this over the weekend. It was good, but it definitely didn’t live up to all of Hohman’s hype.

  3. Brian Hohman Says:

    I over hype things, its what I do.I loved it, and will continue to hype it; Against everyone better judgement until I find something else to distrac…..Oooooo sour patch kids!

  4. jer Says:

    It was still really good, man. The ending was indescribably badass.

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