Man Man – Rabbit Habits
By Zach Patterson Wednesday, 3 Dec 2008

It’s really easy to overthink an album when it comes to reviewing it.You can try to get too clever in how you describe it and end up with some Pitchfork douchebag nonsense that sounds more like you are jerking off on some clever wording than reviewing it, or on the opposite side, end up saying nothing other than “This is great! I like how it sounds!” In the case of Man Man’s latest album, I’ve been unable to really describe the band or the album in really any concise manner, so I’ve just put off the review. Which is a shame, because this is probably among my favorite albums of the year. What makes Man Man so hard to review is just how audacious the music is. It’s scatter-shot in its delivery, influence, and pace. The album begins with “Mister Jung Stuffed”, which starts with some frenetic drumming, adds in some high pitched falsetto chanting, and finally the recognizable croon of the lead singer Honus Honus behind something that could be the background music to a horrible nightmare or a fucked up dance club. And before you get too adjusted to the madness, they go right into the ‘single’, “Hurly/Burly”, which is definitely a little poppier, but it’s pretty much a song about fucking with a scattershot of instruments (is that a car horn?) and weirdness (are those children singing?). And so it goes as you listen to the album. It’s a smattering of genres and decades of musical styles thrown together in a Mr. Bunglesque mishmash and smoothed over with a nice pop-dance finish. One minute, it sounds like Looney Tunes (the xylophone in “The Ballad of Butter Beans”), the next it’s fireworks and soulful lounge act piano solos (“Doo Right”), the next it’s male choral chants backing groovy surf rock beat over top of a frantic screaming Honus (“Harpoon Fever”), and then later you feel like you’ve traveled back in time to an old European village that suddenly breaks into a Gospel chorus (“Poor Jackie”). Of course, if anyone has listened to Man Man before, they might expect the wackiness. What really stands out for side effects of viagra me here is that in spite of all the near cartoon vibe they give off, there’s a heart and substance here where it matters. I would hesitate to say that they take themselves seriously, but the lyrics aren’t just garbage to fill the music palette. Songs like “Doo Right”, “Rabbit Habits”, “Poor Jackie”, and “Whale cialis reviews Bones” are just as noticeable for their wordplay and storytelling as they are musically. The latter two are, in fact, my jams this year, in case you were wondering. The entire album is elevated by Honus Honus’s voice. He continues to be one the most versatile singers around. He has the ability to produce some snarling intense vocals, then shift gears to pure screaming nonsense, then turn around and produce the gentlest, most heartfelt ballad. When you cialis hear the wording and performance in “Whale Bones” on the lines “He shoots from the heart instead of the head/His mouth and his words they rarely connect/He looks to the past and where his tongue’s tread/And he knows he meant the opposite”, it’s simply sublime in it’s sincerity and sadness. If I had to pick viagra online at anything, it’s simply more due to preference than anything. I think overall that Six Demon Bag was cialis generic a better album. While I like some songs individually on this more, in general, a lot of the middle of the album just blends together as one bizarre musical experience. However, the album mixes catchy offbeat dance tracks well with some sincere slower stuff, and the production is just fabulous. This album is wonderfully produced, and they deserve credit for making this many band members and sheer number of instruments and vocals mesh so well. If you want something a little different from the norm and track-for-track just really fun to listen to, Rabbit Habits is definitely side effects of cialis the album to pick up. And see these guys live too if they come around. Their live show is a must-see.

3 Responses to “Man Man – Rabbit Habits”

  1. Chris Derosa Says:

    I’d say Great too, but for different reasons. I don’t like how the album ends with those last two songs being such downers when the rest of the album is so bouncy and vibrant. Also you forgot to mention Top Drawer and Big Trouble, the best songs on it by far.
    And yea the record release show was really great.

  2. Andrew Raub Says:

    This is my least favorite Man Man album, but that’s not really say too much against them.

  3. Zach Patterson Says:

    see i dunno chris, without the enders to balance out the rest, i might not like it near as much. i think while the album obviously has the energy and the oddity, it really gives the album a heart, akin to “Werewolf (On the Hood of Yer Heartbreak)” or “Van Helsing Boombox” on their previous albums. and while I did forget “Top Drawer”, which is awesome, “Big Trouble” doesn’t do much for me. different strokes, i suppose.

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