Metal Gear Solid 4 – Guns of the Patriots
By Chris Derosa Saturday, 21 Jun 2008

The Metal Gear franchise has often been the subject of heated debate amongst gamers new and old alike. The ones that have embraced it will cite the original Metal Gear Solid and its successors as the perfect blend of cinema and game play. Detractors will fault the games for being more movie than anything else and with the narrative jumping the proverbial shark around the second installment. Metal Gear Solid 4 has finally arrived as a PS 3 exclusive (contrary to heavy rumors of a 360 port). It’s safe to say that Guns of the Patriots will not convert any previous haters of the series. But those that have stuck through the long and engrossing story will be rewarded with closure and a proper send off to one of gaming’s greatest stories ever told about a legendary hero of war named Solid Snake. Ever since envisioning the Metal Gear canon, Hideo Kojima has planned and crafted a story of love, hate, betrayal, revenge, and redemption expanding

a violent battlefield across the world that involved both real life and fictional events. As Solid Snake, your job is to finish that story as you go after a long time rival set out to take control of the world and the military factions that revolve around it. Of course the story isn’t that simple. Along the way you’ll find old faces and even a couple new faces that could aid you or are out to stop you. Unfortunately for Snake, unknown effects have been aging his body much faster than a normal life span, and he feels that his time may be running out. This could be his final mission. While there’s a lot to say for the game’s main story, the tactical espionage game play is what the series has become famous for. You still sneak around like usual, but this time there are new adjustments in the controls and themes. The main controls have slightly changed up. In the beginning you may have a rough time getting adjusted to them, but after getting through the learning curve it shouldn’t become too hard to perform the various tasks and maneuvers. You now have a “Octocamo” suit, that automatically adjusts to your surroundings on almost any surface, eliminating the need for switching various camo patterns in the menus. You can still customize patterns if you want to even though it’s only optional and really just making things difficult if you don’t want to be seen. Snake also has a new item called the “Solid Eye”, an eyepatch complete with radar and night vision to help you find your way in case you ever get nervous about being found. You also have a “psyche meter” similar to the MGS 3 meter. Various events will decrease your meter and give you a high stress level, causing Snake to lose health faster when hit or no longer have a female version of viagra steady aim. You can eat various health items or find other ways to lose stress, but eating animals canadian pharmacy humalog along with treating wounds are no longer necessary. The settings have changed as well, with the beginning of the game throwing you into the Middle East. While there you’ll notice how an ongoing war between military companies and resistance members continues as you’re in the middle of the battlefield. cheap viagra There you can take sides or just sneak around the chaos while everyone is distracted. This war zone element makes for interesting game play decisions that can help turn the tides in your favor or possibly make your mission even harder to carry out. After any soldier is killed, they’ll drop guns and ammo. Along with this, you’ll find a gun launderer that helps sell you anything you may need at the moment as long as you have the right amount of points obtained through the game. This allows for a great amount of customization in which any player of any style can fit into. Certain weapons also can use attachments, for example putting a grenade launcher on a machine gun. While the main purpose of the game is still not be seen whatsoever, it doesn’t hurt to have a Plan B when you are spotted. The enemy AI has toughened up, as well. It’ll take a lot of cunning to get by most situations. And of course, what Metal Gear would this be without a number of memorable buy viagra and satisfying boss fights? As the game continues along, you’ll be treated to many cinemas to keep you involved. Some of these can go on for a while (some longer ones even have saving/loading points), but most of them have to help tie together the very involving story. The cinemas are a visual treat, truly showcasing the PS 3’s graphical prowess like never seen before. The whole game looks great, with very few glitches and bugs to be seen. The only problem with all of this is in the game’s loading and install times. The legitimate canadian pharmacy very beginning of the game requires an 8-9 minute installation period, while other levitra overnight delivery sections may take 2-3 minutes. It’s not too bad of a wait, however, especially when considering the actual cinema length, which maybe takes up 4 or 5 hours of the actual game time total. Many games wouldn’t dare to try this, but with a game like this it works so well and you’ll likely be wondering what is around every corner. The sounds and music that made their mark on the series are in tact as well. You’ll know what every situation brings thanks to the surrounding sounds and well done musical score that accompanies you. Also contained in the game is a separate multi player experience called Metal Gear Online. While not involving and entertaining as the single player component, MGO is still good fun for a while as an online team based (with up to 16 players) death match. It’s a shame that setting up the game takes a long and confusing amount of time. But free is free, so it’s a fair trade. To say that Guns of the Patriots was a perfect game would be a lie. I don’t think any game will ever truly be perfect. That said, this is easily my favorite game in the whole series. It delivers a seamless blend of action and stealth while also delivering the proper ending that fans of the games have been waiting for and deserved. Every story is explained and every character gets a conclusion. There’s no disappointment to be found. The wait is finally over, and Metal Gear Solid 4 is as good as it gets.

6 Responses to “Metal Gear Solid 4 – Guns of the Patriots”

  1. Zach Patterson Says:


    i’m glad to see it lived up to your expectations. i figured it would be a pretty good game, but from the little stuff i’ve had spoiled here and there, it sounds like a must own if you have a PS3, or a pretty good argument to buy the system itself. Definitely sounds like a more complete game than Portable Ops (but that’s kind of expected).

  2. Andrew Raub Says:

    I’ve said it before, but this looks like it could be the RE4 of the Metal Gear Solid series. As in… I might actually beat it. That is, if I had a PS3 of course.

  3. Charlie Goodrich Says:

    I may have gone out and bought a PS3 today and this game. So far it seems pretty awesome. I can’t wait to beat it!

  4. Matt Moore Says:

    I can’t say much more other than I fully agree with everything you wrote. For newcomers to the series, it’s probably best to play the first 3 of the solid series at least first. But really, those first games have held up so well (play the gamecube version of 1) that it won’t feel like a chore to do, and will make finally playing 4 that much more rewarding. As a big fan of the series, I have to say that while I will never be ready for the storyline to end, they did it so perfectly in this game, that I can’t be anything but happy.

  5. Charlie Goodrich Says:

    After completing MGA4 I agree this is a classic game. I personally liked MGS1 and 3 better but that is personal preference I suppose. The only problem I had with the game is the enemy AI. They are outright dumb. Other than that I thought this was a flawless game. And it has an epic showdown at the end. I mean FUCKING EPIC.

  6. Zach Patterson Says:

    chuck with the impulse buy…and then the beating it 2 days later…dayyuuummnn.

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