Ninja Gaiden II
By Matt Gulbrandsen Sunday, 19 Oct 2008

Ninja Gaiden started out on consoles on the NES as a game requiring skill, reflexes, memorization, and most of all, patience. While it could be very unforgiving at some points (flying birds anyone?), the game was always balanced and fair enough that the end of each level was never quite out of reach. Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox translated the spirit of the older games perfectly to the last generation. Team Ninja’s reimagining of Ninja Gaiden worked so well that I hold this transition from 2D to 3D in the same regards as Ninendo’s masterful Metroid Prime. In this inevitable sequel, Tecmo has brought more of the same to the table with lots of refinement, while adding a few new elements…and lots of gore. Just like NG1, you will face off against hordes of enemies, though many of the same will continue to pop up. The hordes at times are nearly overwhelming, but there’s a certain rush of adrenaline you get from taking them all out. While the action can get pretty intense, I never once felt like there was a situation I couldn’t grape my way out of. But, at the same time, by the time I reached the final chapter, I was a little exhausted from the repetitive gameplay, since there are no puzzles whatsoever. This is pure action. And for a pure action game, the controls need to be great. Luckily, just like the first game, the controls are as tight as can be. One great new mechanic that was added in the game is finishing moves. Once you tear the limb off of an enemy, you can cialis price in chennai trigger a finishing

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move using the strong attack. These finishing moves are extremely brutal and a joy to watch. Even after 14 chapters of brutality, I never got sick of them and there’s different finishers for every weapon. If there is one little complaint, it is that the camera is all over the place. They give you the ability to center it at any time by pressing the right trigger, but most of the time you’re to caught up in the action to remember to do so. There were many instances where I would be running down a corrider only to be gutted by a sword or an arrow simply because I couldn’t see the enemy in time. It’s irritating at times, but the camera isn’t annoying enough to be a gamebreaker by any means. The graphics in Ninja Gaiden II are smooth and impressive. The animation is generic cialis superb, and Ryu moves with grace and style, just as he did in the original Xbox game. The multitude of enemies he faces off against are also well animated, which make them feel like a little less like forgettable thugs to beat up hair loss from cialis on. But while there is enormous detail in the character models, the environments leave a bit to be desired. The city areas tend to be bland and repetitive, though jungle levels are varied and jaw dropping at some points. And then there is the gore. This game has buckets and buckets of blood. I think I giggled at one point because it was so ridiculous. It’s hard not to burst out with laughter the first time you cut off a ninja’s legs and then decapitate him. It reminds me of Soldier Of Fortune for the PC in terms of its consistent gore throughout an entire game. In SoF, there were like 50 points of dismemberment on each enemy, and while Ninja Gaiden isn’t quite that in depth, it’s still pretty ridiculous in its own right. And what would a Tecmo game be without BBTs? Tecmo can’t seem to make a game without those anymore. Not that it is a problem or cialis en usa anything. The music is always appropriate, but not especially memorable. Just like the first game, the sound effects shine though. They make ripping off appendages and decapitating demons that much more satisfying. It is just a shame that the music lacks the urgency that the Nintendo games have, which I kind of miss. This is just your standard action game soundtrack. The story is totally ridiculous. The Spider Ninja Clan has captured the Dragon Clan’s demon statue which will revive the arch fiends that the Dragon Clan once vanquished and blah blah blah blah…honestly, I’m surprised action games still have stories. I don’t feel like they

sucked me into the game, but it’s not necessary. When I want to play a brainless action game, I know what I’m getting into. The game seems cialis black review easier than canadian pharmacy meds the first Ninja Gaiden overall. There’s always a shop around the corner to buy healing items and weapon upgrades. At the same time, the formula feels like a lather-rinse-repeat situation, where it’s a continual cycle of fight\heal\fight\heal. Boss fights were generally enjoyable but varied in difficulty. Some required some actual strategy, while others were just a matter of wildly mashing the buttons on the controller. Ninja Gaiden II ends up being more of the same, but it is completely refined from the original. It feels like an upgrade to the first game, so it’s nothing new, but that’s ok with me. You need a few mindless action titles to blow off some steam sometimes. It’s

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a great game, just be warned that I don’t feel like this is really a $60 game by any means. I’d look for it for $40, as I feel that would be getting full value for the total package of the game.

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    bbt’s, dismemberments, and ninjas? sign me up.

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