One Missed Call
By Timothy Falk Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I’ll say this right away: This is merely a precursor to my reviews of the two Japanese “One Missed Call”s. With that said…this movie sucked. Poor acting. Let’s start there. Shannyn Sossamon has to be the least scared girl fearing for her life ever. There’s more of a feeling that she is being incovienienced than scared or disturbed by all the death and chaos and her own impending death. Edward Burns is like a horrible mix of David Caruso and Ray Liotta. The only guy who does any good acting in this whole film is Ray Wise, who with this film I finally peg him as the ultimate “that guy”. The plot…well, it’s there, but bare bones. You get only the briefest of explanations of what’s going on. It’s literally blink and you’ll miss it. I guess director Eric Valette tried to do this without watching the source material, and it shows. Everything is wrong. There is hardly any suspense. And the one thing…THE ONE VERY THING…that has to…HAS TO be in any movie with the “One Missed Call” title, bastardized or not, is the ring tone. And guess what. They fricked that right up too. Some…stupid faux music box music that is just dumb. “Oh, is my phone going off, or is that a little girl’s toy cell phone?” Nothing good about this movie. They don’t even use the American concept of replace plot with boobs. And the ending? Wrapped up in two minutes and you have no idead what just happened. I watched the ending three times in a

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row, and all I could say was “What the hell?” It made less sense than the Japanese ending…and that takes some work.

2 Responses to “One Missed Call”

  1. Andrew Raub Says:

    I never really had any desire to… oh excuse me, I have a missed call.

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    this movie looked like a parody when it was released. gotta love that poster with the “mouth screaming as eyes” though.

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