Polvo – Exploded Drawing
By Andrew Raub Thursday, 20 Nov 2008

One look at the cover of Exploded Drawing should give you some idea of what to expect. This album is like a Chinese dragon meandering through a parade of fireworks. It is at times beautiful and sly, and other times harsh and direct. At times it is abrasive, lo-fi, and noisy, but it can quickly transition into much more listenable segments, but it never is mediocre. over the counter viagra Exploded Drawing opens with “Fast Canoe”, giving a good impression of what this album is about: weird guitar riffs, a jumpy drum beat, and a steady bass line. “Bridesmaid Blues” follows with more punk feel and ethereal vocals. canada viagra The next song, “Flower of Forgiveness” displays Polvo’s ability to create driving rhythms and staccato, abrupt transitions underneath lyrically soft vocals. It’s not all hard rock though. “Passive Attack” is a short, springy melody featuring what sounds like mandolin and shamisen. Following is “Light of the Moon” which is best described as light cowboy psychedelia. As quickly as the album takes a break, it gets right back into action with “Crumbling Down”. The verses are heavy punk, but the chorus transitions into a flowing progression that sounds like early Modest Mouse. By now you should expect that these songs don’t stick to one mood for long, and this generic viagra canada is held true with “Street Knowledge”, which displays odd, distant vocals, a bright synth, and sharp harpsichord-like viagra for women strings. Once again, as soon as things mellow out, the mood is brought back to full energy. The next song “High-Wire Moves” is perhaps my favorite song on the album. Moving from an in-your-face punk beat to a slick and slow balancing act progression and soon into a subtly anthemic movement reminiscent of Sebadoh, Polvo’s ability to travel through many states of mind is best exemplified in this single song. The next song, which closes out the first LP, is online pharmacy hcg titled “Monolith”, yet sounds more soft and inquisitive than the title implies. Opening up the second wmaa.com half of the album is “In This Life”, a song which epitomizes mid-90’s indie rock and both celebrates and chastises life itself in one fell swoop. Next up is “The Secret’s Secret”, an epic and solemn instrumental. With no lyrics, the intention of this song is hidden within the melody, but Polvo creates a telling mood. Shifting styles into something that sounds like a Dirty era Sonic Youth song is “Snowstorm in Iowa”. It must be wild and fierce when it snows in Iowa, as this song gives off nothing like a crystalline tranquillity. Closing off the third side of the record is “The Purple Bear”, a distinctly 90’s goofy song like one of Pavement’s many odd and bratty songs. The final part of the album is introduced by “Taste of Your Mind”, a groovy bit of psychedelic soul-searching (in the mind of another). Near the end of this song, the tone of the song becomes more open and reverberated, so I’m guessing Ash Bowie made it into someone’s expansive skull. “Missing Receipts” is a slow, echoing, and brief instrumental that creates an oddly frustrating ambience. Ending the album is the 12 minute epic “When Will You Die For the Last Time in My Dreams” indiaonline-pharmarx.com that drifts in and out viagravscialis-best of frustration, contemplation, and reassurance. Each song contained on Exploded Drawing is unique in its own right, but as a whole the album is cohesive. Despite the various moods and tempos and styles, every song belongs on this album without a doubt. When I first cialis vs viagra listened to Exploded Drawing, I wasn’t too impressed. But with wmaa.com each listen I find something new to fall in love with. The hooks cut deep, and I keep finding new ways that the songs are interconnected with cialis vs viagra each other. Polvo is generally overlooked, ignored, or just not well known, which is unfortunate as there is a lot to love here. And admittedly, it wasn’t until earlier this year that I finally gave them a good listen. I wish I had paid attention long before. Exploded Drawing is just an album that can be listened to over and canadianpharmacy-cialistop.com over again while remaining fresh and exciting with each listen.

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    these guys are pretty awesome…can’t believe i had never heard of them till this year.

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