Power Up! Mutations and Mutilations of 8 Bit Hits
By Audun Sorlie Monday, 18 Jun 2007

When I first heard of this CD, I must admit, I had never heard of a single band featured, not even The Hanky Panky Champs. This, according to my friend, was an outrage and he sent me a couple of songs by them. I was still not really impressed, and had no idea what to expect from Power Up!. So, after some days it came in the mail and I popped it in. The Fucking Champs’ Zelda started playing and here’s what i think:

It absolutely sucked.

Yes, this was not a good cover at all, unoriginal and boringly played. I could not figure out what the fuss was about this band, and I quickly skipped to the next halfway through. Ghost N’ Goblins came on by some band called Cripple Camp:

Absolutely sucked again.

So far two songs have been bad, let’s hope the 3rd really picks up, Bad Dudes:

…and it actually somewhat did. It is sluggishly played and a tad boring, but at least it’s somewhat catchy.

So onto the next then, Tetris? I love Tetris, you can’t screw that up, right? Oh wait, apparently you can if you are Animal Style. Let’s take the NSF track, add a really boring drum beat, and then add really annoying SFX all over the place.

Contraband is next on, and it’s a good song and cover, by far the best on the CD so far.

Rerun is up next with a Mega Man 2 Bubbleman cover and it has the most annoying sound to it I have ever heard, and still so boring. What’s with these bands? It’s like they never played the games and have no idea what to do with the songs.

Next up is a piano medley of Marble Madness, which, though okay, sounds a little off. He’s no Kareshi, that’s for sure.

WOW River City Ransom is next?! My favorite Kunio game, this must be good because I’m so biased!

…No it’s actually so awful that I’m mailing anthrax to the band now.

Rush ‘n Attack, as usual with the stuff that is tolerable on this CD, is just so boring. It’s not bad at all, but goat did a 5000000 times better job on this same material.

“Metroid, Aka The Lovers Of Samus Aran” actually beat out Bubble Man’s annoyingness… The clipping is so bad that I can’t even finish the track.

Then Metal Man from Mega Man 2 comes on…dunno what the hell it’s supposed to be, it sounds like a broken cellphone.

Castlevania must have been recorded inside the artist’s mom’s asshole, cause it’s grainy, noisy and stinks.

And finally the CD is finished with Zelda, which the CD also started with. It never really goes anywhere, and the pace is the same through the whole song. There’s nothing interesting here at all, it’s just so boring.

The back of the CD states “Power Up! is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!” Well i have actually experienced really mediocre CD’s before so I’m not sure what this guy is sucking on at night. It seems the people behind this CD had no real knowledge of the cover community and just got together some indie bands, slapped on some well-known games and ‘voilĂ ’. No one really did justice to the source material, no one had any original song choice, and it all is very dull and unoriginal. If this was done by someone who had some knowledge of the vgm scene, it would easily be great since housethegrate, virt and other well known names in the community would probably had been featured, but instead it’s just a collection of shitty indie bands who have no idea what to do with the material.

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