Right Guard Sport Clear Gel
By Andrew Raub Wednesday, 28 Mar 2007

For someone like me, deodorant and anti-perspirant is important. I sweat easily and I sweat a lot. I have many t-shirts that have permanent, crusty white spots in the armpits. This is due to weak, non-gel deodorant. Luckily gel deodorants are the norm these days, but not all is perfect.

Gel deodorant, while relieving previous problems, can introduce others. Right Guard works well enough as far as it’s stopping power goes. I honestly can’t complain about it one bit. The scent isn’t lasting but it at least stops body odor for the most part. However, applying Right Guard gel deodorants to the underarm can be problematic. Let’s start with the initial opening. Pull the seal off and you will see a multitude of small holes. Now, to get the deodorant out, just turn the dial at the bottom. Keep turning. Did I tell you to stop? Come on, keep turining… Sheeesh! Give it  one more. Ok there we go… AAAAH too much! This, unfortunately, does not stop with the initial extraction. No, this continues just about every day. It is very difficult to get just the right amount out, and the excess in the armpits sometimes feels uncomfortable.

But that’s not where the fun stops. Let’s take a trip to tomorrow morning. You’ve just showered and now it’s time to put on your deodorant. What the hell is this crap all over it? Hmm.. well, you better just take the cap off. Oh man, how did it make such a mess? Yes, somehow, overnight, this deodorant has the ability to extract itself and make a complete mess, even seeping out of the cap. Don’t ask me how it happens, but it does!

This stuff works well enough, but it’s nothing special and it’s just messy, and I can’t figure out why… My advice: go for something cheaper.

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