Serenity: Better Days
By Zach Patterson Friday, 30 Jan 2009

It’s hard not to like the Firefly/Serenity series once you really get into it. Joss Whedon’s charming sci-fi western series is full of memorable characters, great actors, superb scripts, and a unique mythology. Unfortunately, Fox didn’t really see anything in it. The show lasted one season before being cancelled (all the episodes didn’t even air), and a feature film was produced mainly due to unusually high fan support for such a short series. Since the movie, any further expansion of the franchise has been rather mum. However, it has survived in comic form, and Better Days is the second mini-series to be released. What makes Better Days work is that it’s written (in part) by Joss Whedon himself, and the art, while not always perfect, bring reasonable likenesses of all the characters. The writing is simply terrific, and it works because they managed to capture the lingo and speech patterns of the characters in the show. Jayne sounds like a smart-mouthed, horny goon. Mal is a solemn, occasionally goofy, but strong-willed, captain who speaks like a gunslinger straight out of a western. Inara is the kind-hearted companion whose sexual tension with Mal is palapable even in comic form. Across the board, you can hear every line in the comics as if the actors themselves were delivering that. That’s good writing, and a sign that the writer knows his characters well (he should, he created them). Additionally, the 3 issue story is entertaining because it’s essentially a full “lost episode”, each issue being 1/3 of the show, and the end of the issue working as a “commercial break” of sorts. It tells a relatively simple story, one that would fit in well with the original show quite well. After pulling a heist that sees the crew become inadvertently rich, much of the plot revolves around what the crew would do with all the loot. Unfortunately, the crew eventually is chased down by the people they heisted, in addition to dealing with Alliance officers that are looking to settle a score with the crew. Without spoiling much of the plot, it’s nice to see that they wrote it without trying to fit in a dozen references to other parts of the series and essentially make it all fan service. I find

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that india online pharmacy kinda stuff lacking in artistic integrity, and while it’s nice to appreciate the fans, the past is the past. I’d rather have a good new story. I think issue 2 works the best because you get to explore the character’s sillier sides and fantasies when they show their daydreams of what they would do with the money. This is contrasted well with the man trying to

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hunt the Serenity crew down, ruthlessly tearing teeth from a man’s mouth asking for answers on where they went. There’s also a nice set piece where Mal and company find themselves declared heroes after a group of thieves try to rob them in a public establishment canadian pharmacy cialis and they promptly stop them. I felt issue 3 had a bit of a disorienting ending, where the action scenes didn’t work as well in comic form as it would have in live action, and as a result the resolution to the plot needed to be read over a few times to make sense of it. However, the end of the issue presents an interesting take on Mal’s fantasy, and how he essentially was already living it, and the extent he went to to ensure that he and his crew would stick together. Now if you got this far and are thinking “this is nice and all, but I haven’t really watched this series at all”, then you should probably not pick this up as your first introduction. If there’s one problem with this mini-series, it is that it is undoubtably for fans only. It offers no prologue, no introduction of the characters or events leading effetti collaterali del cialis up to this, nothing. And without having seen the episodes, I’m not sure the dialogue would read the same. It’s really important to know how the lines would be delivered and who would say them. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that the comic is like this, but it certainly is unfriendly for newcomers. However, if you are hungry for more Serenity beyond the show and movie, Better Days should be an instant purchase. It works perfectly as an episode of the show, and it’s not just a worthless cash-in. The plot is entertaining and fun and the characters are portrayed perfectly. Add in a for silkroad online pharmacy the series, and fans of the series should be very happy with their purchase.

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  1. jer Says:

    Whoa. <3 Firefly and Serenity. I need to get these.

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