Six Finger Satellite – Paranormalized
By Marshall Thorne Monday, 16 Apr 2007

After two albums and a handful of EPs on subpop, the guys from 6FS had cut teeth. Being settled into their own sound-vision, all that was left to do was hammer out a full record’s worth of strong material. That’s the recipe for a classic and I think they succeded here. Although it looks extremely similar to Severe Exposure (their previous outing) on paper, Paranormalized somehow takes on a character of its own.

I know I have to describe the band’s sound, but for some reason I feel hesitant to call them electro-indie rock. I guess I’m not sure if my idea of “indie rock” is similar to yours. Much of the vocals are the distorted scream style, but their rock hybrid has a new insane sort of madness and underlying sense of humor that makes them more attractive and entertaining to me.

Whatever you do, don’t miss “Coke and Mirrors”. In it they use a low tempo dance beat and layers of vintage analog synthesizers to create what is truly one of the most hypnotic pieces of music ever. (I gave this song to a friend and he apparently put it on repeat for a long time to do a satisfying session of creative school work.) You wouldn’t expect a funky ass slow-groove to fit on an album of fierce anger but it does!

I still can’t tell if the theme is anger towards the stagnant feeling that life can take on sometimes, or anger towards mistaken peoples and the ruts we wallow in. Either way, the album is good for anger problems! It serves the purpose of blues and all heavy music in general: as an outlet to drain your anger into.

This will probably be one of the odder choices I’ll label a classic, and I wouldn’t have given it this rating if I didn’t think the band had a unique vibe going. Check out “C&M” first.. although it’s the oddball, if you aren’t amused with that song you can safely skip the rest.

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