Space Puzzle Bobble
By Matt Gburek Wednesday, 25 Feb 2009

When people mention Taito’s Puzzle Bobble/Bust a Move series of games nowadays, it usually isn’t in a instant payday network particularly positive light. Read any recent review of any game in the series if you don’t believe me. They say that the games lack depth. They say that they aren’t real puzzle games, since all you really need paydayloansusca to succeed at them is good payday advance aim as opposed to any sort of critical thinking skill. Most of all, in spite of the fact that twenty incarnations of the game now exist with the release of Space Puzzle Bobble (if Wikipedia does not lie), they maintain that every game in the series since its conception in 1994 is exactly the same. To all of this I

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say the following: “Right you are on all counts, sir or madam!” To be perfectly honest, these games are, in fact, shallow; they aren’t really puzzle games, and they are pretty las vegas payday loan centers much all the same. But every once in a while,

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I get an insatiable craving to mindlessly pop multicolored bubbles while listening to happy, sugary-sweet arcade blips and bleeps, and when that happens I have no choice but to run to the game store and buy whatever the hell the latest game in Taito’s Puzzle Bobble series is at the time. This happened to me recently, and the latest game in the series happened to be, of course, Space Puzzle Bobble.

As mentioned above, Space Puzzle Bobble is at heart not really any different from the nineteen games that came before it, but it does throw in payday some neat tricks here and there that are payday loans online direct lender exclusive to this version. There are these metallic space blocks, which absorb any bubbles shot at them and cannot be destroyed until any bubbles that are touching them are cleared. In story mode, there are special kinds of bubbles called “Cosmo Bubbles” (this is “Space Bubble Bobble”, after all), the collection of which can affect the outcome of story mode and unlock extras in the game. As you clear levels or win matches, you get some kind of money that you can use in apply now the in-game store, where you can buy new modes of gameplay as well as different styles for the bubbles you burst and your launcher itself (why, I’ll never know). The bosses that you fight at the end of every level in story mode are challenging at times and a lot of fun to play against. There are plenty of extra modes to keep you busy when you’re done with story, and advance america payday loan yes, the game is WiFi compatible if you want to play versus mode online. But as I’ve already mentioned, Space Puzzle Bobble is the same game it’s always been and therefore by default it doesn’t warrant your time if you already have any portable version of any game in the series (such as Bust-a-Move DS). The new touches are nice but there payday loans online aren’t enough to separate Space Puzzle Bobble from its more dated brethren, and in fact other than the spacey backgrounds and occasional new objects in the field of gameplay, why this game is even really called “SPACE” Puzzle payday Bobble is beyond me. I guess the people at Taito assumed that cosmic backgrounds and a half-assed story mode set in space are enough to differentiate the game from the rest of the series. Not really! In all honesty, there’s not a ton that needs to be said about Space Puzzle Bobble. It’s an enjoyable, relaxing diversion and the same as online payday loans every Puzzle Bobble you’ve played before, but with some new cosmetic gimmicks and modes of play. If you don’t own the previously-released DS incarnation (I don’t) and payday 2 wiki like this sort of thing, then you can’t really miss with this one. If you don’t like this sort of thing or have already had enough Puzzle Bobble to last a lifetime, then move along, nothing to see here. As for me, I’m going to shoot colored bubbles at bubbles of the same color and then pretend that it makes me smarter and that I’m spending my time wisely. The game told me so, it must be true!

3 Responses to “Space Puzzle Bobble”

  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    While I agree with all your points on the series, I think you are a little tough on it. sure, taito milks is voraciously, but the core gameplay is still pretty much untouchable. i have great memories of playing bust-a-move 2 and 3 versus with my brother for hours and hours. and then the NGPC version ended up being great too, though nothing new. i think it’s just one of those series that i like to know is available and around, even though i may only buy a version of it once every other generation. we should play sometime dude.

  2. Matt Gburek Says:

    Yeah, I mean, I’m not denying that the games themselves are pretty fun and all, but when I read the criticism that people give the series in general it’s kind of hard to disagree with the main points listed above, though again, I’m not saying that these games aren’t fun. I guess I can see what you mean about wanting one for each generation of consoles, even if that’s all you really need. I would definitely be up for playing sometime if you get on it! Let’s make this a reality.

  3. Zach Patterson Says:

    i’ll be looking for it soon. I’d love to grab the DS paddle attachment to and try it with that, as i heard it works with that as well, and it seems like a game that would work perfectly with it

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