Stan Bush – In This Life
By Charlie Goodrich Wednesday, 7 Jan 2009

I’m fairly certain Stan Bush is a god. I can’t prove this but there is a certain iconic and immortal aspect to Mr. meaning of cialis commercial Bush. He has been creating music for the better part of thirty years, yet the world knows little about him. If you are already confused about who this man is, you may better know him as the guy who sings “The Touch” or the guy from the Transformers: The Movie (the old animated one) soundtrack. Aside from this, the only thing you need to know about Stan Bush is that he rocks! In This Life is his latest album and it is a perfect example of his ability to rock. And even though his music sounds like it order viagra india never left the 1980’s, he continues to “touch” our lives with epic music. I’ll be reviewing the European album. This means my copy does not include “The Touch” and “Til All Are One” as bonus tracks. If you like Stan Bush or feel the need to purchase this album, I recommend the U.S. release for the bonus tracks, but either album 150 mg viagra is a good choice. Bush’s voice is excellent at conveying emotion. Whether it is anger, heartache, vigor, or love, his voice is capable of delving into each and reaching the ideal pitch. Each song on In This Life showcases his powerful vocals perfectly and he creates a near perfect pop-rock album. The first track, “I’ll Never what is the difference between viagra and cialis Fall”, seems like a lost gem from the 80s. A keyboard and screeching guitar drives this up-tempo song. It effortlessly flows from start to finish with Stan’s voice creating the perfect melody. “I Got a Thing for You” follows “I’ll Never Fall” with similar results. Once again we have a chugging guitar riff and keyboards creating the backbone of this song. These first two songs have ridiculously catchy melodies and contain positive, uplifting messages. It’s a little cheesy, but that’s Stan Bush. Pressing forward we discover four ballads. “I Can’t Cry”, “This Moment”, “Waiting for You”, and “The First Time” fit Bush’s singing style flawlessly. “I Can’t Cry” is about a person who is morning the loss of his lover. The message is simple: you have to get over the people you loved and find someone new. “This Moment” is more positive. It’s about a specific moment where you connect with a person like never before, and about what that person means to you. “Waiting for You” combines the themes of the previous two songs. It begins as a somber ballad about loneliness. However, by the end it is about finding that person to end your loneliness and how wonderful a feeling that order viagra online overnight is. “The First Time” is another happy ballad because it is about remembering the first time you were with the person you love. Thus ends the marathon of ballads on In This Life. They are all great songs but having all of them concentrated in one area of the album is a bit much. Integrating them throughout the album would have made listening to In This Life from beginning to end easier. The rest of the album returns to a pop-rock sound. “Long, Long Way” utilizes Bush’s ability as a storyteller. The guitar work and vocals make this sound like a Foreigner song (maybe I am just remembering “Long, Long Way From Home) but Bush makes it his own by adding a killer keyboard riff. This is an excellently written song about a relationship that falls apart over time. “Over You” and “Take It All the Way” are filled with heavy riffs and return to a higher level of energy that was present early on In This Life. These two songs remind me of Lou Gramm’s (the lead singer for Foreigner) solo career. They could have fit nicely on a mainstream rock album from the 80s. “In This Life” is another great melodic rocker. It comes off as an inspiring song and features Bush giving a small speech before the guitar solo. At first I didn’t like this song as much as the others but it grew on me after listening to it. The album concludes with “Southern Rain”. This song is about leaving your hometown for a new setting. It is about the people you left behind and whether you made the right decision. By using an acoustic guitar, Bush is able to create an atmosphere of gloom and uncertainty. It is a beautifully crafted song and a thoughtful way to end In This Life. Stan Bush has made another wonderful album. Everything sounds polished, and each song compliments Bush’s singing style perfectly. There are a lot of emotions that come out in this album; luckily Stan is equipped with a voice that can walk the spectrum of emotion. However, there are two downsides to this album. The song placements could have been laid out in a more consistent manner. Second, after ten studio albums, little has changed in Bush’s music. He has great vocal range and musical ability yet he produces similar music on every album. If anyone is capable of taking risks with their music it is Stan Bush. Other than those two issues, In This Life is worth a listen. If you’ve never heard Stan Bush’s music this is a great place to start. If you enjoy his previous work you’ll love In This Life.

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