Stan Bush – Shine
By Audun Sorlie Saturday, 1 Oct 2005

Being a big fan of melodic rock, I knew I had to get myself Stan Bush’s new album right away. I have also been a big fan of ‘Tha Bush’ since childhood after hearing his tight songs in Transformers: The Movie and Kickboxer.

“Shine” is Stan Bush latest album, which was released mid-2004. It’s been awhile since he has released a proper album, and I was worried if he had maybe changed style or lost his spark, but boy was i wrong. “Shine” proves to be maybe his best work to date, with 10 solid tunes I never get tired of.

The album starts of with “Shine”, the title track, a great rock tune with a good 80’s style message. It moves onto “Falling”, a more moody and dark, slow, rock song, with classic Stan Bush style of singing. These 2 songs really set the mood for the whole cd, and the album never gets repetitive, dull or cheesy, it’s just the good old Stan Bush rock style at it’s best.

The length is another great thing about this CD. Every track is between 2-4 minutes, none of the songs drag or get annoying, so they are perfect for almost every mood and situation (although I would not recommend turning it on while your house is on fire and grandma is melting on the street).

This CD is excellent in every way. The production is top notch, each track is solid and not filler, and the lyrics are, as always with Stan Bush, brilliant, perfect length, and send a great message throughout the whole album. The CD-ROM also features a Video interview and music video of Falling, who both are awesome

So if you like melodic rock, Stan Bush or erections, i strongly recommend this album. It’s a rock masterpiece.

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