Super 9-in-1 (Sonic the Hedgehog…4?)
By Para Gon Friday, 16 Oct 2009

This is part of

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my continuing series of playing and reviewing random SNES games I’ve never heard of. Some of these are just quick looks at the game, and may not be too terribly in depth. Today’s game is Super 9-in-1, which I guess is one of those multi-game carts.

Now, let me just double-click on that, and. . .


Okay, so apparently I’m playing Sonic the Hedgehog now.

He doesn’t run very fast unless you hit a downhill slope, and he can do a little jump-kick but he doesn’t roll into a ball. I never really played any of the Sonic games, but I’m pretty sure he’s supposed to roll into a little ball. There are ziplines and mushrooms that make you bounce high.

Oh look, it’s Mario! He shouts “SONIC! SONIC!” over and over unless you get him out of the cage. Or get far enough away from him.

What the hell is that and why is it dropping rocks on me?

After I got to the end of the first level and got put back in an identical-looking forest, I figured it would just repeat like that. But after the second or third level, a boss showed up!

He stomps the ground and makes acorns fall on you, and when he jumps from stump to branch to ground or back, he does a Sonic-style spin that makes him invincible.

After you beat him, you make it to an evil castle, including this weird evil emblem:

There’s a puzzle whereby you have to pick up a potion off the ground (A button, didn’t

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know it did anything) and then use it to breathe fire on a cauldron, then ride the smoke to a higher area. Not bad for a game like this.

hhahahaha look at that tree

No boss after the castle levels, and I stopped playing in the robot/future level (pictured here).

For what must have been an unlicensed game, this is surprisingly good. Even the music isn’t bad!

[Ed. note: In looking for information for the title on Google, it appears this game is likely a hack of Speedy Gonzales for SNES, hence why it may not have been as bad as expected.]

2 Responses to “Super 9-in-1 (Sonic the Hedgehog…4?)”

  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    gotta love how they just blatantly left Sylvester in there as the evil emblem.

  2. Eric Kennedy Says:

    Hahahaha, oh man! The Sylvester emblem was the culminating moment of hilarity!

    So what I take away from this review is, Speedy Gonzales for the SNES might be a halfway decent game.

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