Super Mario Galaxy
By Audun Sorlie Tuesday, 18 Dec 2007

So finally it arrived, the one game (except maybe Smash Bros Brawl) that every Wii owner was waiting for: Super Mario Galaxy, the newest sequel in the Mario series. It has been said to be the game to finally beat Super Mario 64 for the 3D platformer throne, and a game that would be able to showcase what the Wii could do graphically. So in the end, did it really deliver?

Absolutely 100%, It’s been far too many years since a game came around that made me so hooked, happy and satisfied like Super Mario Galaxy did. The visuals are stunning, the music is incredibly beautiful and fitting and controls are spot on. It’s absolutely everything one would want in a game.

The story starts of with Mario being invited to Princess Peach’s festival that is held to celebrate a comet passing over Mushroom Kingdom. As Mario dances his way towards the castle, Bowser’s airships suddenly arrive and not only kidnaps the princess, but also steals the whole castle. Mario storms to save the princess but is shot into space by Kamek and it seems Mario has been defeated. As Mario wakes up, he notices some Lumas, a small star shaped creature and is taken to Rosalina, watcher of the stars, traveling the universe in her observatory. She explains to Mario that Bowser has taken the Power Stars and Grand Stars, which she needs to fuel her ship, and grants him the use of a Luma, which allows him to spin and use star portals, he then starts searching the galaxies for Stars to rescue Peach.

The gameplay is classic Mario, you jump on Goombas, collect coins, seek different worlds and get different suits. The new suits are awesome, Ice suit, Bee suit and the return of Fire Mario. Ice lets you ice skate on water and some cases lava, aswell as climbing waterfalls. Bee suits allows Mario to fly a short period of time, and to stick on honey, while Fire Mario is common knowledge, it’s the same as it has always been. The game takes place on different planets and galaxies, altering gravity and allowing you to fly through space between planets, this works extremely well, the camera always follows you and gives you a good look on what’s ahead, and the controls are so spot on, you’ll never have much trouble despite being upside down, sideways or flying around. Small stars are picked up by either walking on them or pointed at with the Wii remote, which works perfectly. Small stars are used to either stun enemies or buy portals from lumas.

The soundtrack features 28 fully orchestrated tracks that are simply breathtaking, the Gusty Garden in particular stands out as an amazing track that makes the adventures such a joy to play through. The rest of the soundtrack is synth ala Zelda, but at times the change is not really noticeable since the style fits the level perfectly. In the sound department this game is flawless

The camera can at times be tricky when you walk around small planetoids, though this is not a major issue at any time since it fixes itself within seconds, as you walk around. 3D camera always has flaws no matter what game, but in Mario Galaxy it is superb 98% of the time.

Graphic wise, Super Mario Galaxy proves something that i always thought, that you do not need photorealism, super tech graphics with sperm processor to have a breathtakingly visual game, you need imagination, you need beautiful colors, interesting worlds, vibrant scenery to make your own fantasy and imagination blossom and cheer you up. My problem with games today is that many games stick to the same mechanical style, with gritty colors and trying to look too realistic, and in the end few games stand out and are easily remembered, Mario Galaxy will always be remembered because it strikes you instantly, the colors and worlds are so full fun and clever design.

In the end, Super Mario Galaxy fully lives up to the expectations and hype it received, it is an absolutely stunning game in every aspect, and nostalgia put aside, probably even superior to Mario 64, or atleast at the same level. Buy this game, it will make you love yourself, your family, your friends and the world much more, it’s that good

3 Responses to “Super Mario Galaxy”

  1. jer Says:

    yeah, this game is fantastic.

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    i’m a little embarrassed that i havent bought this game yet actually. it was definitely one of the biggest reasons i wanted a wii in the first place.

    definitely getting it after christmas.

  3. Chris Derosa Says:

    Yea it really brings me back to when 3d games actually meant something.

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