The Strangers
By Charlie Goodrich Wednesday, 4 Jun 2008

I thought The Strangers looked interesting. The idea wasn’t revolutionary; a young couple is trapped in their home by some crazed lunatics, and they must find a way to survive. However, it looked creepy and suspenseful. I was lured to the theater with this false hope, and I was expecting a good time. Unfortunately, the only good thing that happened during The Strangers was the ending. I don’t mean the ending of the movie had a mind-blowing twist or that it was well executed and suspenseful, I mean when the screen went black and it was over. From boring start to disappointing end, this movie was horrid.

The movie opens with Kristen McKay (Liv Tyler) and James Hoyt (Scott Speedman) driving in silence to Hoyt’s summer home. It turns out Hoyt proposed to McKay earlier the day and she denied him. So now this romantic weekend he planned has turned into an awkward mess. So awkward that it produces a ridiculous scene where the not so happy couple attempts to have sex. This scene pissed me off for two reasons. One, Liv Tyler doesn’t get naked. What the hell kind of movie is this!? If you cast Liv Tyler, you better make sure she gets naked or the public will not be happy with your film (at least the male population that finds Liv Tyler attractive). Two, why would two people decide to have sex after their relationship has nearly fallen apart? It’s far too soon for them to have makeup sex. They start kissing out of nowhere and all of a sudden she is sitting on the table and he is removing her underwear. It’s an unnerving sequence of events, but it is luckily broken up by a knock at the front door.

Until now this movie has been moving along slowly, too slowly. The introduction of the main characters was painstaking because there was little dialog and little interaction. Now comes this strange knocking at four in the morning. A teenage girl is at the door and asks if Tamra is home. They reply with a “no” and close the door. This is the beginning of their nightmare. Three people wearing masks, a girl, a woman, and a man, stalk around the summer home in a bizarre game of cat and mouse. This movie uses simple fright tactics like someone popping out of the dark or a person slowly emerging from behind a corner. It was predicable, routine, and unoriginal. This type of movie has been made many times. You have to bring something new to the table that interests people and surprises them. Just last year the movie Vacancy was released. It was about a couple trapped inside a motel room by crazed people trying to kill them. At least have a nude scene with Liv Tyler.

Besides the lack of originality, I grew annoyed with the main characters. An often hysterical Liv Tyler could have been killed with ease several times, however, she continues to live. Throughout the movie I found myself hoping she would die for her stupidity and constant screaming. The two get chased inside the house and outside but at no time

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do they ever try to get away. The people who break into their home show no signs of having anything besides an axe and Hoyt is equipped with a shotgun at one point. It’s irritating watching stupid people live for so long.

This was a waste of ten dollars. Liv Tyler didn’t even get naked! I should have just said that and been done this review.

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    i think spook said it was ok…but i thought this movie looked pretty bad. hard to believe they cast some actual names in this one. looks like direct to dvd fodder to me.

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