The Transformers: The Movie
By Charlie Goodrich Saturday, 1 Oct 2005

This is probably my favorite cartoon movie of all time. Growing up, I loved watching the Transformers on TV and the movie takes it to a whole new level. Everything that is great about the show is magnified in the movie. Here is a run down of the story.

The evil Decepticons have taken over the Autobot home planet of Cybertron, thus forcing the Autobots to take up residence in two nearby moons. Soon a war erupts on Earth between the two sides, leaving Optimus Prime and Megatron tragically lost to the heat of battle. Little does either side know that a powerful and mysterious enemy is after the Autobot Matrix. Enter Unicron. Unicron is a mechanical transformer planet that eats other planets and revives Megatron to do his evil biding. The Matrix is a device that can summon forth the chosen one in the Autobots darkest hour. Unicron knows this and wants to ensure that the Matrix is never used against him.

The story follows different characters down two different paths as the Autobots try and destroy Unicron and the Deceptions. One path follows Hot Rod, the Dinobots, and Kup. These guys get caught up in all kinds of adventures after getting separated from the rest of the Autobots. They have to fend off a killer robot octopus and fight for their lives in a gladiatorial competition. Meanwhile, the Autobots are forced to land their damaged ship on a planet made of trash. Of course then both parties reunite and launch an offensive against Unicron. Overall the story is well written and creative. Any Transformer fan is going to love it.

In the sound department, the person in charge of casting went above and beyond to find great voice talent. This talent includes, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Stack, Orson Welles and Eric Idol. Each does a great job for their character. The soundtrack is another highlight about this movie. There is some quality Stan Bush and metal to be found here. I love everything about this movie and fans of eighties cartoons will too.

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