The Who – Endless Wire
By Charlie Goodrich Wednesday, 21 Mar 2007

The surviving members of The Who (Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend) opened the door to the past to help create their newest album, Endless Wire. Endless Wire brings together many of The Who’s signature sounds that they have created over the past forty years. Different songs on Endless Wire can easily remind the listener of Who songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. For example, the opening track, “Fragments”, begins with a “Baba O’Riley” kind of synthesized beat. The song then takes on its own sound and becomes quite enjoyable. The song “Sound Round” is a very catchy track that reminds me of “Squeeze Box”. But just as one can hear the past resonate in this album, it is also clear that they are still innovative and can create songs that sound different from what they have done in the past.

The mini opera “Wire & Glass” is also included in Endless Wire. This ten song epic beings with Sound Round and ends with Tea & Theatre. It is beautifully orchestrated and the drumming (provided by Zak Starkey) will remind listeners of Keith Moon. The Who pull out all the stops and incorporate a plethora of different instruments and sounds to create their mini opera.

Endless Wire is a very eclectic album. It comes complete with fast paced rocking songs, as well as, slower songs. Daltrey’s voice is still superb, and Pete hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to composing songs. If you are a fan of The Who you should definitely purchase Endless Wire. And if you are growing tired of all the new bands out there, give Endless Wire a try and be rewarded with a refreshing sound.

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  1. Andrew Raub Says:

    You know, this album kinda got pretty limited fanfare, which is completely unfair. If you aren’t familiar with The Who, it’s easy to pass this one off, because it is a bit odd at times.

    If you have just listened to a greatest hits compilation, you will likely here just one side of The Who, and maybe an oddity like “Boris the Spider”.

    Endless Wire is really a culmination of The Who’s entire career, despite Keith and John missing from the line up. “Fragments” sounds like “Baba O’Riley” and later Who songs. “A Man in a Purple Dress” sounds like something off of The Who By Numbers. “Mike Post Theme” sounds fun and youthful like so many of the songs on early Who records. “In the Ether”, although a little strange, is the best immitation of Entwistle without him being alive, and the song itself sounds a bit like “Gettin’ in Tune” or “The Song is Over” from Who’s Next. “Black Widow’s Eyes” is an epic that would fit right on Who’s Next or Tommy (and is probably my favorite song on the album). “Two Thousand Years” is a lofty song that, again, fits the mood of Tommy.

    I could go on like this, but the point is that not a single song doesn’t recall the band’s past, yet the are all presented in a fresh manner, and they mesh well.

    None of The Who’s albums are really alike, and this is just another that doesn’t fit any sort of mold, but still comes off as familiar.

    I dare say that I love this album.

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