Three Olives Grape Vodka
By Allison Wear Wednesday, 25 Jul 2007

While frequenting the newly opened Ruby Room in the Phoenix Metro area, I was once again struck with the tough decision of, “Hmmm. What should I get to drink?” I looked at the choices behind the counter. I saw all the staples of a well stocked bar. Beers on par with PBR alongside with Stella. Grey Goose. Skyy. Red Bull. And at least 75 other bottles of liquor that when mixed with the variety of mixers at the bar equate to a number of choices that was just too confusing for me to deal with. Especially when asked by a bartender who was squeezing me in before two antsy customers.

In a situation like that, I quickly resorted to an old favorite: Vodka Tonic. I returned back to my table and took a seat next to my friend. I expected the chatter to be surrounding the clientele, the band, or the bar itself. Instead, I looked at her and noticed that her face was gleaming. Glowing, even. “Megan!, What’s up?” She looked at me and said, “Oh My God! This drink is so good.” I looked at her glass. Clear. Same size and color as mine. In fact it looked identical. “Are you drinking a vodka tonic?” She looked at me and says, “No, No! Try it! It’s grape vodka and soda.” Grape vodka? I paused for a moment and thought. The thoughts going through my head were not good ones. Looking back, I am sorry Grape Vodka that I doubted you. Even if it was only for a second.

Anyway, I decided to try the drink. I sipped, cautiously at first. Brilliant. It was a perfect adult version of my favorite childhood soda. Not too sweet. Just a hint of sweet, sweet grape in my club soda. At this point, I pawned my usual plain ol’ vodka tonic off on someone else and hurried back to the bar. This time with confidence. I knew EXACTLY what I was going to drink. In fact, I was so confident, that I returned back to the bar a few too many times that evening for a “grape soda.” The rest of the night got a bit hazy, but……..well, I can most definitely remember that the drink was fantastic!

Well, as far as brands go, I have been very happy with the Three Olives line of vodka. In addition to the deliciousness that is grape, they also have cherry, chocolate, pomegranate, peach, raspberry, mixed berry and more. The site has around 10 to 15 cocktail recipes for each flavor. Having a party soon and want to totally impress? Well, now you know what to serve!

6 Responses to “Three Olives Grape Vodka”

  1. Charlie Goodrich Says:

    I need to try this.

  2. Nick Woodside Says:

    Making vodka taste more delicious is not a positive development for me. I need to stay away from this stuff unless I want to wake up in the woods wondering how I cut down that tree without an axe.

  3. Andrew Raub Says:

    I hate vodka.

  4. Zach Patterson Says:

    you’re such a buzzkill.

    that’s like someone saying “I love Sherv!” and you respond with “I hate people.”

    except you don’t drink Sherv.

  5. Shervin Riahi Says:

    I do a body good

  6. Nick Woodside Says:

    3 oz. of Sherv mixed with water will cure everything for rickets to erectile dysfunction.

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