Tie-O-Matic Motorized Tie Rack
By Charlie Goodrich Saturday, 6 Oct 2007

Products Plus have themselves a very nice machine for organizing and holding ties. This motorized tie rack holds up to and including 64 ties. It easily mounts on any closet rod with a few turns of a screw. This screw merely holds the device in place. It requires no tools to setup. The Tie-O-Matic is very versatile. If you want to hang belts on it, go for it! It also has built in lights for those dimly lit closets. To work the Tie-O-Matic, you simply press one of two buttons depending on which way you want the track to rotate.

It does take 4 C batteries to run, so this thing isn’t the most compact tie rack on the market. Because of its size, you may not be able to use the Tie-O-Matic in your closet. You’ll need about 5 inches of clearance space between the rod and ceiling or shelf.

I love my Tie-O-Matic and if you do have the space, I recommend it. Being a student teacher, I have a good amount of ties and this makes managing my closet much easier.

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    wow, this is a timely and informative review, i’ve had absolutely nothing to keep my ties on and they pretty much just get laid over top of a hanger in my closet.

    i need to get one of the bad boys.

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