Vanishing Point
By Timothy Falk Monday, 30 Jul 2007

Starring, if you can really call it that, Barry Newman, Vanishing Point is basically as close to a faithful Spy Hunter movie as there will probably ever be. About a mere fifteen minutes at the beginning of the movie to explain what is basically a one-and-a-half hour long car chase. You can’t have a car chase without a car, though, so I guess the real star would be the white 1970 Challenger.

The basic premise of the movie is ex-cop/race car driver Kowalski makes a bet with a Colorado pimp/drug dealer that he can deliver the Challenger from Colorado to Frisco, California in 15 hours or less. Soon after Kowalski starts his trip, police start chasing him, and then the rest of the movie is car chases, with small little breaks in the car chases, one of which includes a girl who is credited as “Nude Motorcycle Rider.”

I really tried to like this movie. It’s definitely not for everyone. As much as I like a good car chase, there are just too many little breaks. This is a car chase movie. It does not need to flesh out the backstory of the guy driving the car. Don’t even name the main character. Just let him be “the guy driving the Challenger.” Doesn’t really sound pretty, but trying to have a story other than the plot behind the chase is dead weight. All in all, if you’re looking for a movie to waste a bit of time with, you can do worse. Just don’t be expecting to pop Vanishing Point in over and over again.

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