World of Goo
By Good-Evil Contributor Tuesday, 25 Aug 2009

Contributed by Jeremy Stoltzfus. I’ve payday 2 xbox one been meaning to review World of Goo for a while now, but I’ve been taking my time since I was fairly certain none of the G-E staff were going to beat me to the punch. World of Goo is one of those well received games that nobody payday 2 mods has payday lender seemed to play. Well I played it, dammit, and I’m going to take some time now to spread word of its glory… which I have cleverly disguised as an objective review. World of Goo is a physics based puzzler that has you apply now leading an army of mindlessly wandering slime balls from point A to point B. To do that, you will we need to sacrifice some instant payday network of them as the building blocks of giant goo structures that the others will travel across to reach their destination. Think Lemmings payday 2 masks meets Jenga. It’s a pretty simple concept, but there is still a good amount of depth to this game thanks to the excellent payday 2 masks physics engine, the payday loans wide variety of goo balls at your disposal, and some very well done level designs.

World of Goo

Where this game also shines is in its great casual gameplay. Each level takes around 5-10 minutes making it good for quick pick up ‘n play session. The multiplayer is also a great fit for pick up ‘n play gameplay since additional players need only pick up a controller and start playing at any time without affecting the flow payday 2 of the game. I had both of my roommates playing this with me off and on throughout the whole game, and they both seemed to really enjoy it. This is pretty notable since they are both fairly averse to video gaming. The art and music in this game were also pretty awesome. The visuals were very Tim Burtonesque and gave payday loans las vegas the game sort of an eerie feeling. The music was equal parts mellow, epic, and tense. I don’ payday loans locations don’t know how ter explain music too direct payday lenders good none, so I’ll just say that it was definitely a good match for the style. Complaints? Well, it was a little short, but aside from that I couldn’t find too much to fault this game for. I’d like to give this a classic, but there really wasn’t anything too earth shattering introduced here and chances are most people aren’t going to remember this game 10 years from now. It was, however, a great game, so I will give it a That’s Fine. Er uhhh.. a Great. Yes. I will give a Great.

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