By Zach Patterson Wednesday, 7 Oct 2009

I really liked Zombieland. It’s a fun movie that exists in a world that’s essentially gone to hell with a good cast of characters and good action. It’s also just an enjoyable funny zombie movie, something that really wasn’t approached more after the success of Shaun of the Dead. And for all the love that vampires seem to be getting lately, I’m glad that there’s some zombie love too. I think I really could just say that if you like Woody Harrelson at all, you should see this movie, and I could easily be done with it. I mean, Woody steals the show, even though he isn’t the main character. It’s just the perfect role for him. He’s a tough guy redneck with a penchant for guns and big trucks, and is on a singular mission to find the last Twinkies left on Earth, a reminder of a time when the world was right. That’s not to say that he relegates the rest of the cast to nobodies status. Jesse Eisenberg plays the same character he plays in every movie he’s in (if you saw the similarly named Adventureland earlier this year, you’ve got a good grip on this dude), but his awkward Michael Cera-ness works well as a foil to Woody’s kinda over the top big man personality. Abigail Breslin, perhaps best known as the girl from Little Miss Sunshine, is also rather good in this movie in a slightly more mature role for her. She’s been dangerously close to being the next overexposed standard little girl in movies, but I felt she was a pretty good inclusion, and provided a sense of innocence that the movie needed. Finally, Emma Stone, who I later remembered seeing in Superbad, played the sorta-bad-girl love interest. While the whole relationship part of the movie was a bit of stretch, it was

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handled pretty well and never taken super seriously. And that’s kinda what I liked about the movie. All the characters seemed aware that its possible they could be the last 4 people on Earth, but they just kinda take it in http://wmaa.com/store/levitra/ stride. While some might think “uh, no one would act like that in this situation”, it just works for these characters. They all have goals they want to see through and no plans beyond getting their Twinkie, or buy viagra online getting back to their home, or taking one more stroll through an amusement park. I liked that their goals were kind of presented as naive, short term, and ill-planned, because frankly, there’s a levitra cost point where you might have to accept you are fucked and just look for the one sliver of happiness you can find and hold onto it as long as you can. Beyond that, the movie, as mentioned before,

is also just really funny. It’s got some dark humor, and definitely some bloody violent buy viagra online humor, but it’s all kind of offset by funny situations or slapstick comedy. Woody’s supposed final stand near the end of the film is one of the most gleefully violent and satisfying zombie massacre scenes you’ll ever see. And without giving away too much, Jesse’s character’s final encounter with a clown zombie is one of the funniest scenes you’ll see this year. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the on screen zombie survival tips were one of the highlights of the film. They pop up at great times, and some seemed to be a hat tip to Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide. And finally, there is a wonderfully unexpected extended cameo in cialis the middle of the movie that really puts this over the top. If I had to criticize anything, it’s just that it’s rather short. At 80ish minutes, levitra samples this movie breezes by, and leaves you wanting a lot more. I felt like the movie might have clipped out a good 20 minutes in the middle which would have added a bit more characterization, action, and development to the story, but as it is, this is a very efficient movie that gives you a great story, good zombie action, and some excellent laughs. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

5 Responses to “Zombieland”

  1. jer Says:

    God I want to see this so bad.

  2. jer Says:

    Saw it. Best movie I’ve seen in a long, long time. Also, I was glad it was only 80 minutes long… movies are too god damn long these days.

  3. Charlie Goodrich Says:

    I just saw it! AMAZING! Completely fun and over the top. The length like Jer says is spot on.

  4. Zach Patterson Says:

    i knew you guys would dig it. i kinda want to see it again already, actually.

  5. Brian Hohman Says:


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