4 Years of Good-Evil
By Zach Patterson Wednesday, 28 Mar 2007

It seems like ages ago that Andrew, Kirk, and I were in a chat together discussing buying a domain for the purpose of having more than 20 megs of online storage for our own independent endeavors. At that point, buying a domain was still a big deal. Our storage would be costly, and we were all in college. With some help from Andrew’s dad, we were off the ground though. We selected a name after some debate (and really there was no debate. We couldn’t think of a better name) and Good-Evil was born.

We all made our independent sites and threw a main page up that had links to all our sites. It wasn’t meant to be anything more than that. However, about a month in, I began to feel that there was something more to it than just 3 guys who wanted their own sites. In a way, we all went in on Good-Evil as a way to feel connected to each other, even though our lives were essentially all heading in different directions. High school was over, and well you know, it’s easy to lose track of friends after high school. I began to ask more friends for help, hoping they would feel the same way, that this was our way to stay connected and work towards something great.

As it stands now, this is the 3rd major revision of Good-Evil, and it’s still a work in progress. However, I’d like to think that this is what I have really wanted since day one. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and when we review, it’s more about the words than the final word (hence there being no numbers game as “the final score”) and most importantly, I’ve surrounded myself with a group of writers I can call friends. I know these guys and I trust and respect their opinions. I hope everyone else will see what I have seen in them and come to enjoy each person’s articles that contributes here. This site will never be able to compete with specialized or professional review sites, and we can’t keep up with current news like the million blogs out there right now, but we try to offer something different. Hence why you can find a review of Final Fantasy VI along with deodorant and buffalo chicken strips reviews.

This is our 4th official year having the site, and while 2006 was largely a bust for us (we were around, but the site was pretty much in limbo until we finally found something that suited us to use for an upgrade), we have really worked hard on this site while having a lot of fun. I’m still working to bring back all the articles from the old site so we don’t forget where this place started. I’d like to take this time now to thank each writer we have had over the course of our 4 years, as this place would not be possible without their help and contributions:

Andrew – you’ve been the biggest help and supporter of my ideas for the site since day one. thanks for believing in me.
Kirk – You don’t write as much as I wish you did, but every single one of your articles are great. Stay with us, man.

Arthur – You’ve been too good to us over the years. I ask for articles and you never have excuses, you just give. And they are always entertaining and well written.
Ashley – I love you for never thinking this site was a dumb idea. Thanks for helping make it what it is.
Audun – You’ve been so good to us, and your reviews have been about a lot of things I’ve never played or listened to. Thanks for adding more to the site and giving me new things to explore as well.
Brandon – One of our early core writers and a big supporter of the site. I’m so glad you helped us out and gave so much material. We need to talk again soon. I miss you man.
Brian – Oh Brian. You need to write more. When you assert yourself, you confirm every suspicion I have that you are in fact a great reviewer and writer. We need you!
Chris – I don’t remember how I ended up adding you to the staff, but I’m really glad I did. I like hearing your opinions outside of a message board. Your choice of items to review is often hilarious too. You need to come down to Lancaster more.
Chuck – One of the biggest reasons we have as many articles as we do. This man is a horse. His love of music from the 1980’s is unparalleled, and he’s always been willing to throw a review or five at me when I really needed something.
Dillon – You’ve been nothing but thankful and helpful since you came on board. I can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm, I think you are a great fit here.
Kris – You only wrote one review and didn’t contribute too much, but I thank you for helping when you could and just being a great friend to me during that time.
Marshall – Reading each of your reviews really makes me appreciate the music even more. Your wording is vivid and intelligent, and your taste is impeccable.
Matsu – I’m glad you are still here and haven’t given up on it yet. Our next project will be a winner, I can feel it.
Russ – Where have you gone?? Your spot is still open if you ever want it back. Sorry the site disappeared just as we added you to the staff.
Skip – You are always honest and don’t give a shit what others think. I love that. I look forward to reading more of your stuff!
Sherv – I’m very glad you decided to write for us, I know you were apprehensive at first. I just hope it’s been fun for you, because I have enjoyed hearing your opinions. You are very well spoken and give me a greater appreciation for games, music, and life in general. Thanks for being a great friend.

And thanks to all our readers, especially the ones who stuck with us and kept bugging us to bring the site back. This was as much for me and the guys on the site as it was for you. Here’s to a successful 2007, and beyond.

5 Responses to “4 Years of Good-Evil”

  1. Sherv Says:

    Awwww, this brings a tear to my eye.

  2. Chris Says:

    Much love. This is a neat site. We never got to do a 2006 in review.
    But I’ll review it right here. It gets a Poor.

  3. Skip Says:


    You guys are some of the best people I’ve ever known. Open, caring, good-natured gentlemen all around. I’m proud to not only be able to call you friends, but proud that I have earned your trust enough to write for this website (even though I really need to do so more often). Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of something.

    Nothing but love, guys. Nothing but love.

  4. Kirk Bray Says:

    Who’s this Skip guy anyway?!

    Anyhooy, I just want to say that the past four years have been pure hell. The workload that keeping this site afloat entails has reamed me out over and over again. I’ve become malnourished and immaciated, constantly sitting in front of this computer churning out witticisms for you people. I’ve had to quit my job, sell all my possessions, my wife left me, and my family has cut contact with me. Why do I do it? Is it because I believe in the good, and also the evil that this site does for us all? Nope, its because Zach bitches and moans about it if I don’t.

  5. Zach Patterson Says:

    i gave up bitching and moaning at you. you’re a worthless layabout, kirk. it’s time to cut you out of the good-evil millions.

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