Good-Evil Returns
By Zach Patterson Thursday, 28 Dec 2006

We’re back. It only took a year and a half. Anyway, welcome to our first week back on the job. Things might look a little different, and we owe some thanks to quite a few people. Thanks to Matt “Klawful” Smith for making us some beautiful art, which you can see plainly in our banner. Matt has done tons of amazing work for the Minibosses and various publications. Also, I want to thank Andrew Raub for finding this beautiful WordPress format for us, and WordPress for being so versatile and allowing us to really change this to fit our needs. I also want to thank our writers for hanging with us (the ones that did), as well as thanks to Sherv, Skip, and Mat(t)/(su) for joining us. We hope to welcome some more people here and there in the future as well. The site still isnt perfect, but look for continuous improvements (as well as the inclusion of selected older reviews from the old site) as we move forward and everyone gets more comfortable.

To our readers, thanks for coming back. Or if you are new, welcome aboard!