In serious need of 2-3 cats (see inside)
By Brian Hohman Sunday, 30 Mar 2008

I am looking for any domesticated, well-trained, and obedient cats, for a special film project. The cat will be spending long periods of time partially submerged in highly viscous fluids. Cats will be returned as I unfortunately am allergic to them. No pay, but they will be washed and groomed for free. Please, don’t waste my time with cats lacking in personality or that “turn it off” as the camera starts rolling. Short hairs are preferred as I will be also dying the cats specific shades of the rainbow. I will have color swatches available for owners who don’t feel comfortable with the color I choose, for their feline. Please respond promptly as my status as a U.S. citizen is now in contention.

2 Responses to “In serious need of 2-3 cats (see inside)”

  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    seriously guys, help him out.

  2. Brian Hohman Says:

    Where did you get that picture lolz!

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