AC/DC – Stiff Upper Lip
By Charlie Goodrich Sunday, 11 Jul 2004

In 2000 AC/DC released Stiff Upper Lip. Here we have a return to greatness. After a five-year hiatus, the longest of their career at that point, AC/DC crank up the volume to eleven and rock better than they have in a decade. The big improvement seems to be the production value. The guitars and vocals seem crisp and clean, and the blues element works in perfect harmony with the power that AC/DC conjures.

When listening for something outstanding, I'd say that the title track, with its clever into qualifies. The classic style of rhyming and word play (Stiff upper lip- shoot from the hip) is also present here. “Safe In New York City” has an amazing buildup, and ain't nobody but these guys can repeat “I Feel Safe in New York City” eight times in a row get away with it. And if you're aching for a solid wall-rattling anthem to vent all your frustration, “Damned” gives you just the right opportunity; it's one of their best piss-off declarations in years. The satellite junkies will also be pleased with “Satellite Blues.” A great beat with some nice bass licks forms the basis for “Satellite Blues.” The song delves deep into the annoyances of losing your porn reception with a satellite dish. Would you expect anything else from these aging rockers?

The beautiful thing about this album is how solid it is. Not a weak spot to be found through the twelve songs. You don’t get blazing fast, balls to the wall AC/DC, but you get a band with great rhythm and sound. This is one of their finest albums. Shows after twenty-seven years of rock and roll (1973-2000) you can still take on the best. I highly recommend this album.

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